Carolina Power Boat Rental on Vacation

People decide to go on vacation since they want to have fun and escape from any business for a little while. Going to the beach and playing with friends, relatives, or family become the most frequent choices. Remember to think of your pets and arrange for Pet Keepers dog day care or ask the local Mt Pleasant animal hospital veterinarian to watch your dog while you are out. Another option might be a power boat rental during vacation when they want to have different nuance of holiday. It is an option for those who want to test their adrenaline since it is similar to the car with powerful engine. The difference is that the powerboat is on the water while the car is on the road. In fact, powerboats have been very popular recently.

power boat mt pleasantRenting the powerboat might cost a lot. However, it is an experience full of fun and thrills – there are no roads! Speeding with a powerboat without having to follow a road is like taking a fast car out in a large parking lot with no one else around. Before choosing the powerboat, it is important to understand the different types of powerboat to rent. The cabin cruiser is a correct choice for those who want to bring their family members in their holiday and have more of a sedate cruise. It is approximately 20 to 40 feet in length, which is able to accommodate quite a lot of people. The most important feature of this boat is safety. The total safety is enhanced while the interior has been designed well to give a real comfort for the passengers.

However, the previous option is not quite satisfying for millionaires. Instead of renting cabin cruiser, a millionaire will pick super yacht to put to sea. Compared to the cabin cruiser, this powerboat is more luxurious and comfortable. Generally, it boasts one hundred feet of luxury. Some people consider that this boat is like five-star hotels which float on the water. However, the travelers need to employ the professional crews when they rent this kind of boat. Indeed, the cost to rent the super yacht is extremely prohibitive for all but the very rich. It might be around hundreds of thousands dollars for a week’s worth of usage.

The catamaran is becoming the most popular style of boat nowadays, especially for pleasure cruising. It is different with the previous ones. The catamaran has two parallel hulls with a single deck. It means that this boat can run faster due to these double hulls. However, it is not considered as the fastest boat for the times being. The speed level winds up being only average yet higher than the cabin cruiser and super yacht. The performance you experience will depend on three factors. They are length, weight, and sail area. When the boat is lighter and longer with more sail area, it can run faster. But, if you have a catamaran that is purely a powerboat with no sail, speed comes close to the traditional monohull power boat.

fishing mt pleasant sc

fishing mt pleasant sc

The trimaran is the last type included as the cruiser-racer category. It is possibly the fastest sailing boat for today. Like what has been explained before, the boat with more hulls will have much higher performance. In this case, the trimaran has three hulls. Two hulls are in both sides (right and left) while the other hull is in the center. The center hull is larger than two others. It is regarded as a more stable boat rather than mono-hulled design. This boat doesn’t have problems when it is sailed in shallow water. However, it has to be understood that this boat is sufficiently hard to maneuver. To find a true trimaran without the sail feature will not be easy.

Renting a power boat during vacation costs will vary greatly with the size and type. Going with a smaller sub-twenty foot model with a modest engine will still get the heaviest person up on skies easily. If cost is the highest priority, you will also have to look at fuel consumption. Even with an 18-foot deck boat with a modest 100 horsepower engine may eat through 10 gallons per hour. At a cost at the marina of, maybe $6.00 per gallon, five hours of hard running will cost you $300 alone. Make your time count! Pulling a skier will increase fuel use.

Power Boat Fishing and Hunting

Although hunting and fishing has changed a lot over the years, the essential spirit is the same as in my grandfather’s day. It is true that the equipment is better. There are warmer clothes, better gear, and high-tech tracking equipment. You can make fishing and hunting as high-tech as you want, in fact. You can fish with sonar that let you see the bottom of the ocean, or hunt with infrared scopes. Most people use a powerboat to get to the hot spots. Those without their own craft simply find a local powerboat rental company and lease one for the day or week.

For my part, however, I prefer hunting and fishing the old fashion way. I get good hunting and fishing equipment, it is true, but not so good that it allows me to have an unfair advantage over the prey. After all, hunting and fishing is not about successfully killing the animal, but about competing against it. Using the equipment, you pit your skill against the skill of a deer or a bass.   Yes, I use a power boat for fishing, but I figure that is still allowed. If you win, it is because you have the patience and the dedication to win. It is not a simple matter of boating there with a fishing line, dropping it in the water, and having a million fish bite it. It should still take some level of work, or it is not worth it.

roe and associates incMy best friend recently got his hunting and fishing license, and this year he is going to join me on a trip. I cannot wait to introduce him to the joy of the hunt. He has always been an outdoors man himself. I am glad for this. It is a lot of work to teach someone how to hunt. You have to show them how to shoot a gun, how to stalk prey, how to sit perfectly still, and many other things. If you have to teach them how to get about in the woods in addition, or how to keep warm on a cold night, it is too much for one trip. I’ll get him trained on the basics of watercraft safety and how to handle a motorized boat with ease.

Hunting and fishing should be relaxing, but it will only be relaxing if everyone knows what they are doing. It also includes equipment and vehicle maintenance. If your truck can’t get the boat in the water, you won’t be fishing, so we religiously get our Mt Pleasant SC vehicle maintenance taken care of at Irvines Auto Repair facility. If you have someone who is completely green in your group, it will never do. It will be stressful just to show them how to get about, and they will be more likely to hurt themselves. I am sure that our outing will be successful. We have already bought all of the camping gear that we need, and are almost ready to go next week. We will use my small powerboat for most of the fishing and will shore fish only when we see the ideal spot.

Beach Weddings with Power Boats

mt pleasant sunset

mt pleasant sunset

Every woman looks forward to her wedding day and definitely has great plans for the day. The idea is to make it unique and a memory to live with for the longest time. A beach wedding is not only an exotic fantasy romance but unique and this would be a plus for a couple looking at getting married in the near future. Just picture the beautiful calm waters of the sea, the ranging waves, and the sandy shores. Not only that, but it gives the perfect opportunity to use a Carolina power boat before, during and after. They just sound like the perfect wedding day and this will be a dream come true.

Couples looking at having a beach wedding have a wide range to choose from which includes beaches in Mexico, the US, the Caribbean, Kenya and many parts of the world as well. We are particularly fond of the Carolina beach area and the myriad of businesses around the area to rent a power boat to make the event even more memorable. The cue here will be settling for one that is accessible and convenient for them and their guests. When putting together a beach wedding, wedding dresses take center stage since the weather will be a factor here. Beach wedding dresses must be kept light, as it will definitely be a hot day outdoors. One way to beat the heat is to hire a bdlimo limousine to get around. The limo service can be made to order and will provide a professional chauffeur to ensure all goes well. The bride has many gowns to choose from such as the Dessy Style that goes for $300. The other designs are by Landa and a gown will go for $238. The designs are varied and the bride will definitely have a wide variety to choose from.

The groom is well accommodated in and he will not have to worry of suffocating in a suit and a tie at the beach. It depends if the entry to the wedding is a walk from the parking lot, or stepping off the power boat as it glides to the shore. We all have seen beach weddings and the standard entries. Imagine the entry coming from the ocean via power boat instead of coming from the shore and parking lot! This collection comes with easy wear for the groom that will be beach compliant. One of these designs is the Cuban Guayabera that provides him with a large variety of beach shirts and trousers. These clothes are made of linen that provides a comfortable wear that is cool, crisp, and fresh. Other materials used to make the beach wedding attires include a blend of cotton and polyester.

To come up with a successful beach wedding, it is advisable for the couple to scout for an ideal location that fits into their budget. As stated before, we prefer the Carolina coast. You will find the costs as affordable as any in most of the coastal areas. Check for spots near the wedding for good photography. Particularly in the Southeast, you will find many post wedding photos taken with the bride and groom lounging in an Original Charleston Bed Swing. These swing bed or bedswing photos are sometimes the centerpiece areas. It is vital to embark on the preparations early enough to ensure that you do not rush over the plans. With adequate time to research, there is a high possibility that the wedding will flow well without hitches. This is because you will be able to make your bookings for the venues well in advance and avoid last minute hustles. The secret towards having a perfect beach wedding is ensuring that you have all the relevant information readily available.


Ask questions about everything and see how easy it will be for you to make perfect and informed choices. When planning a beach wedding, it is advisable to be flexible to any eventuality that may crop up. This will include having a back-up plan just in case Mother Nature decides to throw in a surprise that would dampen your high spirits. High seas will mean renting a larger power boat or boats. Working with knowledgeable people is a plus as well as those that have had a beach wedding. Guests are important and you must ensure that they know where the wedding is taking place and confirm with all the service providers before signing that bill.


Power Boat and Beach Fashion

mount pleasant coast

mount pleasant coast

Going to the beach is not for the timid. When we think of the beach we think of the hot sand, ocean waves, sunscreen, towels, sandcastles – and the bikini. Some people avoid going to the beach because they would never dream of being in a swimming suit in front of anyone, especially strangers. That is a shame, because the beach can be a calming and fun vacation experience. You don’t have to slide easily into a bikini to enjoy the beach.  In fact, if you plan to do some skiing behind your power boat rental while at the beach, you may want to use a one-piece. You just have to come up with beach fashion wear that makes you feel comfortable.

Beach fashion does not have to be a bikini. Some women who are at a healthy weight and would look great in one won’t wear one. One piece suits are a better option, but not everyone wants to wear those. If you have issues with your body, you may feel both are out of the question and therefore you won’t set foot on a beach. What you should know is that there are beach fashion ideas out there for you too. You just have to look around to see what you can find. You should never let attire stop you from enjoying a day or even an evening on the beach. Hint: Look at what the locals are wearing, particularly if they are doing serious activities such as rental power boat tubing or skiing. Life is too short not to experience this if this is what you seek.

There are coverups that you can use for beach fashion. These are like a robe you can wear to the beach. Some are like a very light sundress. There are many styles and fashions that will work for this and won’t be so hot that you can’t bear to wear them. These usually work well for someone who wants to wear a suit to swim, but is not comfortable lying or walking around feeling bared to the world. Remember the wind you should expect when on a power boat and make any hat and glasses decisions with that in mind. They are also a great way to stay cool even if you have no intentions of getting into the water or working on your tan.

There is no harm in going to the beach in shorts and a t-shirt or a tank top if that is what you want, especially for the power boat activities. This type of beach fashion may be the same thing that you wear in your backyard during the summer. Just choose light colors like white, pink, or yellow, and also make sure these items are made from light materials. The beach does offer some breeze, but you can really bake in the heat if you are not careful. Your beach fashion should be about keeping cool as much as looking good.

One part of beach fashion that you should never be without is a good sunscreen. This is not an accessory that should be optional in your mind. The days of baking in the sun should be over for everyone. You can get a light tan through every day life, but you put yourself in danger of skin cancer if you lie out in it all day with next to nothing on your body. rental power boatGet a good sunscreen, reapply it often, and make doubly sure any children with you have it on. Also get an umbrella or other means of shade as well. Your sense of beach fashion won’t mean much if you aren’t around to enjoy it. Also keep in mind that the wind speed when you are on a power boat you rented will keep you cooler and you won’t think about the UV from the sun as much.

Carolina Boating – Honeymoon on a Crewed Sailing Charter

When you get married, your honeymoon provides you and your beloved with memories that last a lifetime. Your honeymoon destination is most important. This is the time when you kick back and spend all of your time together, with no interference from day to day life, no calls from work, just the two of you having the time of your lives.

Here we’ve got what might well qualify as the perfect honeymoon – a Carolina crewed sailing charter trip that takes you where you want to go, in a unique mode of transportation that even the most luxurious of cruise trips cannot rival. Sailing charters are a hot new trend in adventure travel and even hotter in the honeymoon destination market. If you’re unfamiliar with the Carolina crewed sailing charter, let me acquaint you with this most romantic and adventurous travel idea.

carolina boating sunset

carolina boating sunset

Your choices in ports of call are far greater than the standard cruise itineraries. Although this is about the Carolina area, you are simply not limited geographically. On a crewed sailing charter, you call the shots. Charter brokerages often have upwards of a thousand sailing craft, already screened for quality, maintenance and superior crews from which you can choose. You send them your desired itinerary and lifestyle preferences, from laid-back casual to aristocratic indulgence to the max. How long do you want to stay in each port of call? What menus suit your taste? What sort of activities do you enjoy? What’s your budget? The sailing charter brokerage matches your taste with a sailboat and crew to provide exactly what you want – your customized dream honeymoon.

Don’t discount the Carolina crewed sailing charter as financially out of reach. In many cases, this private ‘jet-set’ option compares favorably with cruises on luxury liners. The difference lies in, instead of being aboard a ship of hundreds of passengers, with a set agenda of ports of call, you have the freedom of visiting little villages which a cruise ship cannot enter, due to water clearance.

One of the many attractive features of the Carolina crewed sailing charter is that you can surprise your sweetheart with her favorite foods, prepared by your personal chef. The better brokerages employ master chefs. Does she faint with delight at the thought of lobster (who doesn’t?), Flan, Paella, Beef Bourguignon and Dom Perignon? All you need do is fill in the blanks for the chef of your crewed sailing charter. Your wish is their command. They’ll get it right.

You can sail out of San Francisco to Hawaii, or from Florida to the Bahamas. If you’re on the East Coast, there are crewed sailing charters that explore the Northeastern waters. Book a flight to Italy and explore the Mediterranean seas. Take a fishing trip to Alaskan waters. The possibilities are endless. (Don’t forget about leaving from the Carolinas!)

So what’s the catch? An adventurous and romantic spirit is all that’s required. The only caveat? Be sure you deposit your booking funds in an escrow account until you sail.

A good, top-notch crewed sailing charter brokerage provides references, as well as a choice of crews, ready to serve your every desire. Best of all, they also facilitate every step of the booking process, including flight reservations to your port of departure, at discounted rates! Should you desire to disembark and spend a night at a hotel, your charter brokerage can recommend the best hotels, gathered through agent’s research and recommendations of past clients. Meanwhile, your boat stands ready to sail on to the next little paradise of your choosing. All of these services are included in the price of your chartered honeymoon trip.

It’s hard to think of a more romantic, yet affordable honeymoon!

Vacation Rental Boats

Lake Havasu is certainly one of the few most thrilling places on the world. It is located not too far from Los Angeles in addition to a couple of hours fly Phoenix. If you are considering leasing a houseboat for a vacation this is the dreamland for you. This is on the “other side of the world” from Myrtle Beach, but a great way to compare and contrast.

Why should you lease from Lake Havasu home watercraft rentals?

charleston sc boat

charleston sc boat

Working with a houseboat rental agency is a really rapid and basic procedure without any of the wild-goose chase evolutions you may have seen in the past. In this manner you do not lose any of the valuable vacation time and can be enjoying the water a quickly as possible. The long coastline of Lake Havasu provides you all the seclusion that you can want. To top everything the costs are inexpensive.

Vacation Rental Boats and Houseboats

Houseboats are a floating house far from your real home with all the conveniences of your house and as comfy as a hotel space if not even more since they are really spacious and well done up. This is likewise a distinct method to invest your vacation. There is absolutely nothing dull or regular in this really uncommon means of spending you vacation, by avoiding the stress and doing something outside the envelope.

Houseboats are an exceptional selection for those who like the outdoors like campers and boaters. They resemble RVs able to drift on water, and exactly what is nice about them is that you can choose where you wish to secure your watercraft. You’ll have a barbeque every single day, or if you choose to go and out to a dining establishment. Smaller sized vacation rental boats are readily available for simple access to various nearby dining locations.

Experienced teachers will help and prepare you prior to your water voyage. They will instruct you the fundamental methods of running your watercraft like ways to stop/start, ways to steer as well as when and the best ways to anchor. Following this briefing, you will feel confident and guaranteed that you are will have the ability to set out on your very own without any trouble.

Or Try Clear Lake

Touring through the City of Clear Lake will provide you a broad variety of amazing things which are on hand to keep you occupied. If will offer you a vacation that will be an unforgettable one, worthy of browsing your photos often. The side of the lake viewing and seeing its full charm is spectacular. The area and its waters are particularly splendid when seen from the lake. Getting a rental powerboat to facilitate this is something you should consider.

While you have your rental powerboat, take advantage of it with skiing or tubing or just racing around on this incredible lake. It is a great way to spend a vacation. We just hope that you enjoy boating around Myrtle Beach just as much and spend your next vacation on the East Coast with us.

mt pleasant sc pontoon boat

mt pleasant sc pontoon boat